garden design

Poison Ivy Design...I am a unique company offering varied and innovative design with a diverse portfolio. I have no set rules, as each client's requirements are different, which allow my creative juices to flow. My design work serves a functional role and I strive to never compromise a site or the environment.

So how does it all work?

* A free initial consultation that includes meeting you, evaluating the project and then together understanding your ideas and requirements.

* Step 1 involves a site survey, analysis, data collection and site photographs

* Step 2 - an initial concept drawing in pencil so it may be tweaked accordingly

* We meet again and I take you through my proposed designs by explaining and validating my ideas

* Step 3 - With the client's verification that draft becomes a finalised presentation plan with notes, basic information around landscaping materials and planting, elements of construction and specifications, which is determined by the client

* Step 4 -Specific drawings if required; this may include construction details, planting plans, lighting plans, full specification and tender preparation

* Step 5 - I initiate three contractors to tender (subject to request for comparisons) of whom I have worked with before and I trust 100% to build 'the perfect garden' – I have very high expectations so no stone is left unturned.

* Step 6 - Full project management service available - it is imperative to interpret my ideas personally and fluidly as well as getting my hands dirty – in my book, one should always lead by example!

* Step 7 - Planting is the 'piece de la resistance' therefore I prefer to plant myself unless I need The Ivy League to assist

Poison Ivy Design carries full PL insurance