henley garden design

Poison Ivy Design is a unique garden design company offering varied and innovative work with a diverse portfolio in the Henley area. There are no set rules and as each client requires specifics and I mould my work ethic to suit them. My garden design work has to serve a functional role and will never compromise a site or the environment - I offer a free initial consultation which includes meeting you, evaluating the project and then together understanding your ideas and requirements. Being based locally to Henley means I am familiar with the local area, environment and topography.

Then I get to work...the first stage involves a site survey, analysis, data collection and site photographs and with those details I produce an initial concept drawing (in pencil so it may be tweaked accordingly). I then take you through the proposed garden designs and explaining and validating my reasons for planning what I have drawn. With your verification that draft becomes a finalised presentation plan with notes, basic information on hard landscaping materials and planting, elements of construction and specifications which then belongs to you.

Thereafter, if required, more specific drawings can be requested; this may include construction details, planting plans, lighting plans and full specification and tender preparation. I initiate three contractors, locally based to Henley to tender, of whom I have worked with before and I trust 100% to build 'the perfect garden' – I have very high expectations and always work as though the project is for myself.

I also offer a full project management service - it is imperative to interpret my ideas personally and fluidly as well as getting my hands dirty - one should always lead by example in my book! Planting is the 'piece de la resistance' therefore I prefer to plant myself unless I need The Ivy League to assist!

Poison Ivy Design carries full PL insurance for garden design